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The following information is designed to begin to set the space for the world vision forum. It is broken into 5 aspects, each of which operates independently, yet, together links to form a solid structure for an ongoing symposium of ideas and a support structure for purposeful action.

Equality of Voice

  • Despite diversity in education, financial footing and life experiences, each voice shall be honored as one vote or chord in the chorus of the whole.
  • Care will be taken for the essential meaning of each contribution of each participant, that it be woven into the fabric of the whole.
  • This is accomplished through the creation and maintenance of an open space, a fertile soil that holds the seeds of diversity and the potential of all new thought forms and life expressions of community building.
  • Synergy of Purpose

  • Certain themes and content will emerge in harmony and support of other related interests. These self-selected categorizations and pods of possibility will be given the same independent self-governing of the nation states of the United States.
  • They will be coalesced under the whole of the World Vision Forum. Certain linkages through common vision and spaces of synergy will be tracked and articulated to the whole through visionary space keepers.
  • These linkages of common purpose will be shared in a variety of mediums: verbal, written and visually. This will provide an education, inspiration and thread of unity to link the individual pods of possibility.
  • Global linkage and Universal Applications

  • Although a certain amount of dialogue will be exchanged, each group is mindful of the desired outcome of purposeful action to support and sustain freedom of choice, individual empowerment, and utilization of resources for the common good. To this end, there will be recommendations and specific initiatives to provide meaningful action.
  • Meaningful action will be categorized by the following initiatives: it will be responsive to a specific set of circumstances of need which exists in the world today: e.g. World hunger, resource allocation; literacy; and a variety of timely topics.
  • Each group shall devise a meaningful format with which to record, track and distribute the shared initiatives of the whole. They shall be supplied in a common language, or documentation, so that it is accessible and understandable by all.
  • Funding for initiatives shall be individually undertaken, with responsibility and liability for the management of these funds to be assumed by the individual pod/states. Again, a commonly agreed upon accounting and budgeting system will be utilized and shared openly and completely with all other pods.
  • Intention of Service to All

  • Each group commits to holding the highest standards of integrity and unpartisan service to the all.
  • This allows all members to reflect upon, articulate and maintain standards of commitment to the holistic perspective of service to all. It is understood that such reflection will be encouraged, and documented as an ongoing part of the communications between groups.
  • Guiding Principles, or tenets, to which we are all in accord and aligned in upholding, will be created by the whole. These will be used in evaluating and discernment and selection of purposeful action.
  • Focus on Truth

  • Each group's dialogue, reflections and creative initiatives will be fueled by a common commitment to the premise of honesty and integrity.
  • Once a group has identified an issue as a unifying space of passionate enterprise, the commitment for focused, positive movement and energy is solidified. Thus, "realistic" assessments will be exchanged, and hold space alongside "positive choices" of outcomes the group will envision, clarify and enact.
  • Data will be solicited from a variety of sources, to present different perspectives and diverse viewpoints. Solid scientific perspectives will be weighed as well as more emotional and compassionate stories. Each carries the space and weight of pertinence in the collective mind of reflection.
  • Ongoing updates and honest exchanges will provide a synthesis of historical and current evolution in the pattern of group reflective thinking. This may occur virtually, or in person. The significance is in the ongoing "beginners mind" with which questions of pertinence and completeness are evaluated.
  • This does not keep the action from occurring, but rather focuses it with laser like precision in a more exact alignment with the desired outcome. It provides a plan, first in a broad-brush scale, and later in a more detailed descriptive manner. The painting is evolving as the process continues. No "hold" is created on the ongoing creative evolution of the process.
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