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Virtual Communication

  • Platforms from which group thinking can coalesce and be energized for awareness, understanding, and possibilities for purposeful action.
  • Holding stations of ongoing conversations that record under topical interest the ideas and impacts of different situations.
  • This is accomplished through the creation and maintenance of an open space, a fertile soil that holds the seeds of diversity and the potential of all new thought forms and life expressions of community building.
    • For example South Africa is undergoing a global crisis due to the AIDS epidemic. There are numerous critical issues beyond the immediate health challenges. Some of these are economic, some of them are social, others effect the entire culture of indigenous peoples, and the disruption of the sustenance of their way of life and capacity to exist in the next 15 years.

    • Awareness of the magnitude of the crisis is the first step. Developing understanding of the key issues and the relative severity of the issues, along with a system map showing the interconnectedness of all factors involved.

    • Finally, a virtual symposium of new approaches to ongoing severe problems will be generated through the dialogue and deeper reflection of the issues. It is not a way to avoid the harsh truths, but to capitalize on the capacity of the group to address the needs in ways that can be useful.

  • Internet Communication will provide an ongoing platform from which diverse groups can communicate. It will not be sufficient, however, and other supplemental gathering stations are recommended. Some of these will become evident through community service organizations and existing networks. Others will develop with specific sub-sets of purposes attached to them, according to subject matter interest.
  • Literary Campaigns

  • At some point in their evolution, groups will begin to share the collection of data, thoughts and ideas. This is to gain a momentum for manpower, capitalization, and integration of different groups who are working on similar issues.
  • There exists a tremendous opportunity for capital investment, and indeed, a huge return on this investment through the dissemination of this information. More will be directly provided on this soon.
  • In Person Interaction

    Periodically, groups will come together in person to address topics of significance. They will be attracted not by the speakers, but by the platforms of significant ideas that will be addressed

  • Similar to the Peace Corp., Vista, and other volunteer organizations, people today hunger for the opportunity to make a difference in their world. They are awake to the needs of humanity to begin thinking as a global community. When given the opportunity to contribute, they will respond (documentation needed to substantiate this - look at UNICEF and NPR web sites).
  • The most powerful mechanism by which human change will be engineered in the 21st century is community action organizations. They will make up the vertebra of the backbone of our society.
    • Allowing a very loose structure, but providing a container for conversation is the art. Without the freedom to be individuated, groups are constrained, and loose interest. Without the container from which to operate, a space is not available to raise the vibration of interaction. In short, the talk becomes unwieldy without a unified focus.

    Open Space

  • The group convened will determine the agenda by establishing after a check-in of each participant, by suggesting topics that bring their heart and soul to the gathering.
  • As they suggest these topics, in the form of a question for group reflection, or issues for suggested action, they will be recorded clearly for the entire group to see in the language of the majority. Note: as much as possible simple, non-jargon language is suggested, allowing all participants equal understanding. Pictures may be used to communicate concepts more clearly.
  • Once everyone has had the opportunity to suggest topics of discussion & post them for all to consider, groups will sub-divide in self-selected ways. They will convene near the posted topic. One individual will be chosen to record the major points of the dialogue.
    • Join the group which feels the most pull
    • Listen respectfully to all perspectives

  • Four Principles of Open Space:
    • 1. Whoever comes is the right group of people.

      2. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have.

      3. Whenever it starts is the right time.

      4. When it's over, its over.

    Call to Action

    We are living in a world where nothing remains the same, save the creative capacity for change. We as human beings are entering a domain and time whose time has come. It is for us now to become the sovereign beings we were designed to be.

    Latent brain power is now accessible. Previously unheard of journeys are now possible in the moment of a choice. The opportunities are broader, the risks more profound. The possibility to link as one human world is no longer a lofty vision. Today it is reality.

    As such, the demands and responsibilities of managing the unification are immense. Not longer is it left for "them" to formulate the policies, to fund the initiatives, and to manage the outcomes. "They" also are standing impotent on the edge of vast change, looking at the terrain of vast space, which is uncharted and often overwhelming. In short, nothing like this time has ever existed. "They" know not how to process such enormity or proceed.

    The individual stands as an unsung hero. It is within each heart, and community that the song of the world's salvation shall be composed and later orchestrated. To wait for an almighty creator outside of ourselves is futile. The illumined consciousness we seek, the inspiration we need lies within ourselves. It becomes activated in our gathering and speaking truth and reflecting responsibly on whole New Worlds of possible reality.

    To operate in concert, we must learn quickly the art of consensus and collaboration. We must self-select places where our radical ideas and radiance can make a pivotal difference in outcomes. This world stands at the brink of flipping into a model of success in the great experiment of life on earth, or falling into the obscurity of extinction. It is for us to decide, one by one, the flow it will take.

    In such light, it is now that we must listen to the call to action within. It is now that we must gather to orchestrate a New World of freedom and equality. Now it is not enough that we have created a United States of American 224 years ago. Now it is for us to consider the needs of our planet's peoples. If we are to survive as a nation in the 21st century, we must consider the needs of all people. And they are many.

    For example, the great vision of Democracy in the Soviet Union has failed. It has left their people bereft of economic, political and most importantly spiritual sustenance. We as a planet are only as strong as this, one of many, weak links. If we turn our backs on them, surely we will all find such a fate rapidly.

    It is time to return to our roots, to reach within the vast reservoirs of our human spirit, and capacity as idea generating communities. It is time to take the tools of Internet technology and travel, and put them to the test of real work with real results, rather than just continuing to pad our pockets and build our capitalist reservoirs.

    This is not to say that our desire to succeed is evil. Not at all, it is the foundation of our inspiration and freedom. Rather, it is the next step of lasting success. It is the vision of bringing the world up to the same standard and freedom to be at peace and proud of our ability to provide for our families and ourselves. We as a world's people are able to think of this and to consider ways to work with the earth to achieve it.

    These ideas cannot be idle points of discussion. They require implementation to be useful. It is for the whole to move as a collective voice, sharing inspiration, tools and resources. The people in need look to us with hungry and sad souls for the light of understanding on how to proceed.

    Our own communities can be effective at creating virtual bridges to connect with communities far away. We can link and think together of uncommon solutions to common world problems.

    How it Works:

  • Groups coalesce with a common theme, or challenge to address. They will go through a three-tiered process to consider options and consider new approaches.

    • Investigation - facts and perspectives are put on the table. They are not discussed, but rather assimilated in a way that allows each of the participants to develop a new mindset. Current approaches are suspended.

    • Consideration - ideas are presented, along with recorded processes by the group of how they might be implemented. All ideas are shared and recorded. Some are developed.

    • Formulation - pilots or small experiments are initiated. Results are recorded and dispersed to allow all to be "virtual participants" in the outcomes

    • Implementation - a broader base of deployment is created, allowing for variation and customization with basic themes in mind.

  • Roles of facilitation, project author, project manager, and community spirit coordinator are some of the functions that might support these efforts. Individual communities will adopt and fill them as they see agreeable to meet their needs.
  • Reflection on Outcomes

  • Semiannual review and planning sessions will provide a face to face session allowing reflection, integration and improvement.

  • Community building and spirit tending will be key focus points of these gatherings.

  • Outcomes will be published as determined by the group.
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