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Uncommon Solutions to Common World Problems

The time is now upon us where global issues are crying for the attention of thinkers who are equipped collectively with the capacity to instill change globally.

Never before has the need been greater. The diversity of cultures, financial platforms, and environmental issues are but a few of the cries of our times. There are those who would be inspired and actionable, if they were included in the thoughtful presentations of a collective consciousness, a community in which they are embodied for greater stability, encouragement and sustenance.

To provide a foundation, a structure in which their dialogues can take place requires both flexibility and timeless elegance. It is a space born of grace, that great thinkers are at home, none overshadowing the contributions of the others. Each voice must have the unique tonality of its own contribution, while weaving into the collective call of the whole.

Let the following suggestions not limit, but set such a safe space. Let the qualities of the interaction be set free while maintaining the focus required by actionable outcomes. The model for this is not to supersede the creation of a governance and structure for the people, but to provide a beginning, a starting point for the journey.

Let this collection of souls be selected by self, not for the prestige, or the level of prosperity they have demonstrated. Let the criteria be desire, the spark of self-recognition to be a contributor to the proceedings.

The non profit World Vision Forum is committed to providing education,free thinking,wisdom,ideas, ideals,and solutions to all nations of the world. All nations and every human being must participate in positive change,both economic and social reform. Grand ethics,reform,love,god,family are paramount to the well being of all people of this one beautiful world we all live in together in harmony and peace. The People of the World Vision Forum are spiritual human beings dealing with global economic and world problems. Our national and regional conferences will provide universal God given solutions to solve problems that impact every community,nation, family,children,and living thing in the world today and forever.

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